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Appalachian Word of the Day

It is game on, here at the Farmette.  

Which brings me to this week's vocabulary word:  commence 
Commence ~ to start an action in a rapid fashion.  
There is a lot going on at the Farmette this week.  For starters, the roofers have finally arrived.  
Damage was done to our roof back in September, but weather issues have put our roofing crew behind and now they are here.....the week of Thanksgiving.  Bless their hearts as it is now in the twenty degree mark in the morning time.  
A turkey is on the thaw and I am participating in the staff basketball game at the primary school where I teach.  Say a prayer for no injuries, because that poor turkey will go to pot if I turn up lame.  
So, to put this vocabulary word to use....
The roofers will commence to puttin' that roof on in the mornin'.  
I will commence to makin' a 3 point shot!  (Not really, but I can dream.)  
I will commence to roastin' a turkey for my family!  
It's all going to happen, …

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