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Appalachian Word of the Day

Pert-near ~ almost, slightly so, or inclined to be  
Example:  It's pert-near a snowstorm outside.  

For us, it is a bit debilitating.  Our county crew cleared my tiny road this morning and it looks like it hasn't been touched.  As of this writing, the snow has finally stopped.  But, in its wake, it has closed schools, businesses, and doctor offices.   
We pay for contracted trash pick-up because we live so far out in the county and they declined to pick up this week due to the condition of the road.  
The lady of the yard was not impressed this morning.  

On the bright side we have a warm home, supper in the planning, movies, books, and time to spend together.  
"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation."  
Paul Theroux 

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